By accepting the quote you agree to our terms and conditions stipulated below, unless otherwise stated.


Our quotation for your design is estimated on the brief received from you. Throughout the design process we will re-asses the cost of the job if the actual design work amounts to more than what was originally estimated. If the job does need to be re-assesed because of job changes or additional items, the cost will be quoted at our hourly rate of R200. All quotes are valid for 30 days and will need to be reconfirmed after this time, unless oterwise stated.


With acceptance of our quote, you will be provided with an invoice for the deposit of 50% of the overall design cost. This deposit will need to be paid within 5 working days of the date on the invoice. As soon as this deposit has been paid we will start the design process. Once the design has been completed and the final design is signed off by the client you will be issued with the final invoice. The balance of the invoice will need to be paid before the final artwork is given to the client.


This includes the allocated amount of studio hours and design development options. Further designs and work will be charged at our hourly rate of R200.

Print Ready Artwork

This is the prepairation of your signed off design for print. This is covered within the quotation but must be confirmed on the review of the final approved design. A PDF willl be supplied for the printers for them to use for the actual print work.

Client Corrections

In the quotation you will be given a certian amount of changes and corrections included in the cost. As we know you may like to make additional design and text changes ontop of what has been quoted for and this will be added to the final invoice. However if you do not use the stipulated amount of changes within the quote, they will not be charged for.

Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

This is not included in the design quote unless otherwise stated. If you would like your copy written, edited or proofread we will add this to your origional quotation. You may provide your own copy and proofreading if preffered.


All images are to be provided to us for the job unless otherwise stated. If you require photography we will add the cost onto your origional quote.


Our design quote does not include the cost for printing. Printing will be quoted separately if you require this service from us. You can use your own printer if preffered, but we will not be able to take responsibility for any errors or lack of quality on the final print job.


All work should be completed within four to six weeks of your 50% deposit. Should the work be delayed because of any hold up from the clients side, the outstanding balance on your account will be invoiced after six weeks.

Overdue Invoices

Final artwork will not be given to the client or printers if there is any payment due. We reserve the right to deactivate a website if there is an unsettled account.

Backup of Artwork

Design work is not backed up unless requested. We charge R200 for a full backup of all artwork for a client.

Design Content

We do not take responsibility for any legal issues that may arise with regards to the content of the designs done for the client. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that there are no copywrite infringements.
We do not take responsibility for any grammer or spelling errors unless you have paid for copywriting, editing and proofreading.

Website Design

Any error that needs to be changed 3 days after the website has been live wil be charged at R50 per change.
We do not take any responsibility if your website security is compromised by either a hacker or malicious code.
We do not take responsibility for loss of any information on your website.
We do not do your website SEO unless otherwise stated.
Websites that are not paid in full will not be activated.

Chantelle Grove Graphic Design reserves the right to deny a client design services without supplying a formal reason.